Games that improve memory and prevent mental illness

Games that improve memory and prevent mental illness

When memory is no longer agile and there is fear that the problem will worsen, the solution is to stimulate the brain frequently, carrying out activities that force it to work and be in constant development. The mind must be challenged with mental exercises, brain games and activities that help with good performance, thus increasing mental health. Click here for Judi Online.

Over the years, the agility to associate ideas, the mental speed and the ability to memorize are lost. For this there is a solution that is effective and fun at the same time. There is a wide variety of games and mental exercises that can be the solution; it all depends on the perseverance and the interest that is put in the cognitive development.

Among the most outstanding games that will help in the process of recovering from mental activities, we find:


It is a highly entertaining card game in which people of all ages can participate. Its origin is Chinese and it could be said that it is a new version of solitaire. It is a fun game that can be played alone or with a group of friends. The ultimate goal of this novel game is to collect matching cards and create pairs. To play it you must have a strategy and use your intelligence because, easily, you lose the opportunity to continue collecting cards. Memory is essential, since it is necessary to remember the letters that have come out to form the pairs. Play helps improve concentration, memory and maintain social skills; it is very easy to learn to play. Visit this site for Judi Online.


Blackjack is a card game in which mathematics plays a leading role. The main objective is to achieve 21 points, adding the value of the cards. In this game, quick thinking is encouraged while at the same time evaluating various options. The player decides whether to keep a single hand, fold or split the game to win the game. BlackJack is one of the most recommended activities for Alzheimer’s patients.

Why are the gaming tables come in green?


Originally from China that is growing in popularity. In this game the objective is to cover most of the board using strategy and common sense. It is a game for two people, where the intelligence and creativity to place the chips at the intersections, if the player sees everything differently, beyond what it seems to be, making the chips not be surrounded by the opponent “without freedom”; deepening the rules helps develop intuition, anticipation, problem solving, and spatial reasoning.


It is a board game, belonging to the chess family that offers many benefits to mental health. It helps to solve problems, improves memory and develops complex thinking. By including the game of Checkers in the daily routine, you can enjoy a good time of recreation, while obtaining many benefits at the mental level.


In addition to having a good time through this game, it improves memory, strategy, control over the subconscious, and stimulates intelligence and control over emotions. It is also an effective weapon of prevention against Alzheimer’s.

Board games are not only used for recreation and fun, they are an excellent mental and brain exercise that helps prevent and improve diseases such as Alzheimer’s.