Online Casinos – The game that is DominoQQ

Online Casinos – The game that is DominoQQ

What is dominoqq?: A very popular game beside all the other popular casino games is the DominoQQ. This game originally originated from Indonesia and in the recent years has attained popularity worldwide. More and more online platforms offering DominoQQ Online are developing rapidly. The game is very easy to learn and play. It is usually played with dominoes which are rectangular tiles with certain number of dots. Playing the game is very similar to that of a poker game and as interesting as well. That is the reason it is also known as 99 Domino poker.

The method: It is played with a minimum of two and a maximum of four players. Those dominoes that do not have dots are not included in the game and are set aside in the beginning. Each player gets to deal with five dominoes from a set of six. A set 28 dominoes are used in the game. A fixed deposit amount is paid and then the deal with the tiles begins.

   As is with other casino games this also proceeds clockwise around the table. Once the cards are seen the players can bet or raise or fold. If the betting is done by only one of the players then the game ends there and the player takes the money. If more bets are there then the next round is taken which is also the final betting.

After the final betting every player must disclose his cards and the winner is the one with the highest card value. This is arrived by summing the paired cards and taking in to account only the value of unit’s digit.


A little of mathematical and logical thinking helps to identify when to bet or fold. This again comes with lot of observation, patience and regular playing. Being alert is very essential for any type of gambling game.

   Popularity?: The game is very popular online nowadays. It is super quick and also with limited number of players, chances of winning are high. A single game can be completed very quickly and so more games can be played thereby paving way to earning more money.

    Choosing the correct site to play online is a crucial factor. The site offering online domino should be professional and friendly to the players. Usually a small portion from the winnings of the player is kept as commission by the sites. Look for sites that do not take out large percentage of your earnings. These online sites help you play any time of the day by just logging in. You can also refer your friends to play and thereby earn both referral points and make money too.